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This Episode Track List:

01. William Control – Kiss The Girl – Revelations: The Red EP
02. FIRES – Counting Walls – Red Goes Grey
03. Elektrostaub – Unforgotten [Feat. Henrik Iversen] (Janrevolution Mix) – Unforgotten EP
04. Tankard Haus – When I Fall – Stalkers EP
05. Hysteria Effect – The Furthest Light – The Watcher EP
06. Black Asteroid – Howl (Feat. Zola Jesus) – Thrust
07. Robotiko Rejekto – Rape The Earth – Rape The Earth EP
08. Massiv In Mensch – Hamburg – Am Port Der Guten Hoffnung
09. Strong Product – Trolleybus Park – Unreleased
10. Forces – Ice (Fleisch Edit Mix) – Newbody EP
11. Suicide Commando – My New Christ – Forest Of The Impaled
12. Hocico – No One Gets Out Alive! – Spider Bites EP
13. Das Mertex – Destroying You – Blue Noise Anthem
14. God Module – Rituals (God Mod Clubbed To Death Mix) – Does This Stuff Freak You Out?
15. The Opposer Divine – Nuclear – Changing Into The Wasteland
16. Oxic Inc. – Last Ray Of Light – Omega
17. Di Auger – Circle Of Sin – Dringing Songs For The Dead
18. The Machinery Of Desire – Snowflakes Beget Avalanches – Snowflakes Beget Avalanches EP
19. The Darkening – Wander – Wander EP
20. In This Moment – In The Air Tonight (Phil Collins Cover) – Oh Lord
21. Boy Harsher – Motion – Country Girl EP
22. Licht Sinn – Gewesen Sein – Im Schatten Des Lichts
23. Dead Man’s Dream – Frozen Fall – Dead Man’s Dream EP
24. Palais Ideal – A Black Noise – The Future Has Been Cancelled EP
25. Dissonance – New Dawn Fades (Joy Division Cover) – Void

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BLOODLIT | Scene News

JULY 26, 2017: New teaser from the great dark electro band that is know as “Desastroes” As they are at work on new release that is entitled “Bruder Jakob” Release date has not been announced yet but we’ll keep an eye out for this release. Enjoy the preview!



JULY 25, 2017: Celebrating a brand new video of the night! As you know we like is spooky and the band HAEX has just announced their new single “Daggers” from their upcoming album “The Ether The Abyss And The Void”.

JULY 24, 2017: New video of the night! We’re celebrating the first single entitled “Wasteland” from the german electro pop band Sonorus7 feat. Intent: Outtake is now available. A great upcoming band to keep on eye out!

JULY 22, 2017: This week we shine the Bloodlit Spotlight on Devin Castle photography

JULY 20, 2017: A haunting new video of the night! As we celebrate the latest track from “In This Moment” new album called “Oh Lord” which will be out July 21. Please enjoy the bands great Phil Collins cover track of “In The Air Tonight”

In This Moment


JULY 19, 2017: This weekend in Cologne, Germany is Amphi Festival 2017. An epic weekend with a line of great, dark, alternative bands and artists! Featuring Vnv Nation, Diary of Dreams, Hocico, Lord of the Lost and many other’s. More info at

Amphi Festival 2017


JULY 18, 2017: New video of the night! From a great dark electro band who hails out of Toronto, Canada “nTTx”. Tonight we’re celebrating the bands newest single and video that is called “Move Dark” taken from their new EP “Of Beauty and Chaos”.

JULY 17, 2017: Legendary industrial band “Nine Inch Nails” is going to be releasing a brand new EP that will be entitled “Add Violence” Release date is July 21, 2017. Tonight we’re celebrate their latest song as our video of the night!

Nine Inch Nails


JULY 14, 2017: Tonight we host a new video of the night! We feature the Canadian band “Eye Steal” latest track that is called “T.V. Armour” Taken from the bands newest album entitled “Burning Out” Visit their Facebook page for more details.

Eye Steal


JULY 13, 2017: Here is a teaser into the upcoming “Hallatar” album with a small sample from the song “My Mistake” featuring Heike Langhans of Draconian. The forthcoming “Hallatar” album “No Stars” Upon The Bridge, due out in Oct 13, 2017 on Svart Records.

JULY 12, 2017: Brand new video of the night! We celebrate one of the newest tracks from the Industrial Rock band “Jak Syn” We host their newest song called “Monster’s”. It is a stand alone track which can be grabbed from their Bandcamp music page.

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