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This Episode Track List:

01. Confrontational – Under The Killing Sun (Feat. Cody Carpenter) – The Burning Dawn
02. Night Listener – Dead Of Night – Electric Sleep EP
03. Lord And Master – Not That Strong – Fractured
04. Robotiko Rejekto – Love Machine (Feat. Katja Von Kassel) – Love Machine EP
05. Audiotherapie – Meer Der Tranen – Unreleased
06. Terminatryx – Medusa (Ironic Mix) – Remyx v2.0
07. Sireirom – Faster. Harder. – Delirium
08. Dead When I Found Her – You Know What You Are – Ministry: A Terrible Thing to Cover
09. Kontrol Phreak – External Fixation – Unreleased
10. Ghostlike – Biting My Nails – UnMute: A Tribute to Artists on Mute Records
11. First Black Pope – Fallen Star – Post Mortem Act One: Resilience
12. Miseria Ultima – Shift To Crimson – Unfocus
13. T-Error Machinez – Self Harm (Harmed To Death Mix By Aliennation) – The New Era Of T​-​Error Machinez EP
14. Industrial Ferret – Elektro Villain – Teknologi
15. Aim & Execute – What I Hate – History Of Violence
16. Then Comes Silence – Strange Kicks – Blood
17. Eisbrecher – Was Ist Hier Los – Sturmfahrt
18. Nulldb – Offne Deine Augen – Geboren In Ketten
19. ASP – 20.000 Meilen – 20.000 Meilen EP
20. Velvet Kills – Shadowplay (Joy Division Cover) – Mischievous Urges
21. Nynex – Windows 95 – Katya EP
22. Youryoungbody – Intentions – Devotion EP
23. XLR:840 – Tabula Rasa – Tabula Rasa EP
24. Dead Husband – Renaissance – Renaissance EP
25. Trentemoller – Hands Down (Feat. Jennylee) (Blissed Out Mix) – Hands Down EP

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BLOODLIT | Scene News

August 17, 2017: Tonight we celebrate the great singer song writer “Chelsea Wolfe” latest video that is entitled “16 Psyche”. The track is apart of her new upcoming album set for a September 22. 2017 release. The new album will be called “Hiss Spun”.

Chelsea Wolfe


August 16, 2017: Ladies and Gentlemen on this August 18 of 2017 is the release date for the brand new full length album called “Hell Yeah” from the legendary industrial band KMFDM. The new album will feature 13 new tracks and features their latest anthem “Yeah”.

August 15, 2017: The return of a great dark electronic band known as “Mind.In.A.Box” has just announced the teaser for their upcoming album entitled “Broken Legacies” which is set for an October 13th 2017 release. Please check out the bands new album teaser below.



August 12, 2017: New video of the night! Every month a brand new track from the band “Robotiko Rejekto” is released and for the month of August they have teamed up with the great vocalist “Katja Von Kassel” to bring to you their latest anthem that is called “Love Machine”

Robotiko Rejekto


August 11, 2017: We got a great album teaser from the band “Nine Seconds”. Released on Infected Recordings on September 22, 2017 is the launch of their newest album that is entitled “Agent Provocateur” check it out!

Nine Seconds


August 10, 2017: A great hard hitting track for the clubs. Formerly known as BlutKraft! The band “Case Default” has released a new video that is called “Sometimes”. The new track can be grabbed from the bands new EP that is entitled “Sometimes We Like To Escalate”.

Case Default


August 9, 2017: M’era Luna 2017 is upon us on this very weekend. From August 12-13 in Germany. Featuring bands such as Blutengel, Covenant, She Passed Away, KMFDM, Leather Strip, Solar Fake, Dear Strange, Darkhaus, Faderhead, Frontline Assembly and many other’s.

M’era Luna Festival 2017


August 8, 2017: A great dark electronic band that called “Psy’Aviah” has just released a new video that is entitled “Reboot Reset Relay”. Vocals on this track is performed by Fallon Nieves. The band has also announced the titled of their upcoming album that will be called “Lost At Sea”



August 7, 2017: We got a great new video of the night and a great teaser from the upcoming “PVRIS” album that will be called “All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell” which is set for an August 25, 2017 release. Here is their latest video called “Winter”.

August 5, 2017: Paradise Lost is Back! Coming to you on this very September 1st of 2017 is the brand new album that is entitled “Medusa”. Tonight we’re celebrating the legendary bands new video and latest track called “Blood and Chaos”

Paradise Lost


August 4, 2017: The legendary gothic rock band known as “The Cascades” have just announced the title of their upcoming album that is entitled “Diamonds and Rust” The album is set for a November 2017 release. Below is the album teaser, check it out!

The Cascades


August 3, 2017: New video of the night! We’re celebrating the latest video called “Exhumed” from a great vocalist “Zola Jesus” Who is currently getting set for new album release set for September 8, 2017. The new full length album will be entitled “Okovi”

Zola Jesus


August 2, 2017: We got a short clip and teaser from a great industrial metal band that is called “HEX” The band is working on a new EP. Release date has not beed announced yet. The new teaser features Waylon Reavis of A Killers Confession.

JULY 29, 2017: Celebrating an all new video of the night! We feature a great artist and vocalist whom is simply known to us as “NYXX”! Diabolical is her newest anthem and also let it be known that new songs are in the works and hopefully an album is on the way!

JULY 28, 2017: Special update from an upcoming film that is entitled “Dracula Is Not Dead” which is set for a September 29, 2017 release! The film’s soundtrack features a great line-up of bands such as Mortiis, Flesh, 3TEETH and more! It’s available for free at

Dracula Is Not Dead


JULY 27, 2017: Tonight is a new video of the night! We’re celebrating the latest track from the legendary band that is called “Noyce TM” The bands new song called “sense of Despair” is taken from the bands forthcoming album “Love Ends”

JULY 26, 2017: New teaser from the great dark electro band that is know as “Desastroes” As they are at work on new release that is entitled “Bruder Jakob” Release date has not been announced yet but we’ll keep an eye out for this release. Enjoy the preview!



JULY 25, 2017: Celebrating a brand new video of the night! As you know we like is spooky and the band HAEX has just announced their new single “Daggers” from their upcoming album “The Ether The Abyss And The Void”.

JULY 24, 2017: New video of the night! We’re celebrating the first single entitled “Wasteland” from the german electro pop band Sonorus7 feat. Intent: Outtake is now available. A great upcoming band to keep on eye out!

JULY 22, 2017: This week we shine the Bloodlit Spotlight on Devin Castle photography

JULY 20, 2017: A haunting new video of the night! As we celebrate the latest track from “In This Moment” new album called “Oh Lord” which will be out July 21. Please enjoy the bands great Phil Collins cover track of “In The Air Tonight”

In This Moment


JULY 19, 2017: This weekend in Cologne, Germany is Amphi Festival 2017. An epic weekend with a line of great, dark, alternative bands and artists! Featuring Vnv Nation, Diary of Dreams, Hocico, Lord of the Lost and many other’s. More info at

Amphi Festival 2017


JULY 18, 2017: New video of the night! From a great dark electro band who hails out of Toronto, Canada “nTTx”. Tonight we’re celebrating the bands newest single and video that is called “Move Dark” taken from their new EP “Of Beauty and Chaos”.

JULY 17, 2017: Legendary industrial band “Nine Inch Nails” is going to be releasing a brand new EP that will be entitled “Add Violence” Release date is July 21, 2017. Tonight we’re celebrate their latest song as our video of the night!

Nine Inch Nails


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