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This Episode Track List:

01. In Good Faith – Choose Your Way (Tragic Impulse Mix) – Choose Your Way EP
02. Robotiko Rejekto – Let Me Die (Feat. Peter Rainman) (People Theatre’s Unique Mix) – Let Me Die EP
03. Ginger Snap5 – Polaris – Against The Days
04. Twisted Destiny – Home (Minor Einer’s Live Unafraid Mix) – Walk Home EP
05. microClocks – Raptor (Soman Pacemaker Mix) – Raptor EP
06. Angelspit – Satanic Aesthetic – Black Dog Bite
07. Microwaved – Butterflies & Buttsex (Wiccid Mix) – Butterflies & Buttsex EP
08. Hexadiode – Hexon Shift (Xavier Swafford Mix) – Contaminated EP
09. Ctrlshft – Sacrifice – Void Of Course
10. Wumpscut – Blondi – Evoke (Concentrated Camp Edition)
11. 13th Angel – Degrading Vision (Feat. Evan Mitchell) – Violator: Features And Remixes EP
12. Nordstaat – Isolation – Unreleased
13. DrakenWerks – WSMI (Shiv-R Mix) – WSMI EP
14. The Gothsicles – Unbekannt In Deutschland (Neuroticfish Mix) – Sic Remixes
15. Oira 317 & Phersie Ferret – Violent Touch – Oira X Ferret
16. Marilyn Manson – We Know Where You Fucking Live – Heaven Upside Down
17. Dirge For The Dreadful – Under The Waves – After Dark
18. Porn – Sunset Of Cruelty – The Ogre Inside
19. Coburg – A Cold Day In Hell – The Enchantress
20. Kult Of Red Pyramid – The Phantom Pain – The Phantom Pain
21. Lizver & The Tree – Puppet – VA-Dependence 2017
22. Kaleida – Division – Tear The Roots
23. Paradox Obscur – A Different Hum – Artifact
24. Pola Tog – Rrose Sélavy – Autosongs
25. White Moth Black Butterfly – Symmetry – Atone

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BLOODLIT | Scene News

September 20, 2017: We got a very special video of the night! As we feature the very latest video from the band “Living Dead Girl”. This very melodic dark band hail’s straight out of England. Be sure to pick up their latest single that is entitled “Still Life”.

Living Dead Girl


September 19, 2017: New video of the night! Tonight we feature a great upcoming artist that is know as “Lay Your Ghost”. They have just released a great new album that is entitled “Ritual”. Please enjoy the bands latest work that is very club friendly called “Speaking In Tongues”.

Lay Your Ghost


September 18, 2017: For those whom like to rock out! Be sure to keep an eye out for the band called “Coburg” As tonight we’re celebrating the bands upcoming album “The Enchantress”. Below is the album teaser so check it out!

September 16, 2017: Just announced from “Marilyn Manson” is the title of his new album that is entitled “Heaven Upside Down” due for an October 6, 2017 release. Tonight we’re celebrating his latest video that is called “We Know Where You Fucking Live”.

Marilyn Manson


September 15, 2017: One of the 1980’s legendary dark synth pop bands “Depeche Mode” continues to roll that rock up hill!  Tonight we’re celebrating the bands newest video and melodic track that is called “Cover Me”. Taken from the bands latest album “Spirit”!

Depeche Mode


September 14, 2017: Continuing to evolve is legendary musician “Gary Numan”. Today we’re showcasing his new track called “When The World Comes Apart” which is a new track from his upcoming album “Savage: Songs From A Broken World”.

Gary Numan


September 13, 2017: Tonight we feature a great vocalist who is know as “Sally Dige” As we celebrate her newest video that is called “Holding On” taken from her great new album that is called “Holding On” as well. Go check it out!

Sally Dige


September 12, 2017: The hard hitting and haunting dark electro band “Totem Obscura” is back with a new album teaser. Below we celebrate the announcement teaser from the bands upcoming release that is entitled “Nordische Feste” Release date is not announced but we’ll keep an eye out!

Totem Obscura


September 11, 2017: New video of the night from a great band that is simply known as “Panic Lift”. We’re celebrating the bands newest single that is called “A Ghost Story”. This melody can be picked up from the bands newest album “Skeleton Key”.

Panic Lift


September 9, 2017: The legendary band known as “The Cruxshadows” have returned to the scene with a brand new album that is entitled “Astromythology”. Tonight we’re celebrating the bands latest video that is called “Singularities”.

The Cruxshadows


September 8, 2017: A great new video with great B&W effects from “Black Asteroid” has now been released. We’re celebrating the bands latest anthem that is called “Tangiers” feat. Michele Lamy. If you enjoy the track on their latest video. You will enjoy the bands new album called “Thrust”.

Black Asteroid


September 7, 2017: Over the past year “William Control” has been on a role releasing a great collection of EP’s under the name “Revelations”. Tonight we’re celebrating his newest video called “Let Her Go” from the new EP “Revelations: The Red”.

William Control


September 6, 2017: The celebration of new and upcoming releases continues as tonight we have the latest from the band “Slighter”. On September 25 the band will be releasing an all new album that will be called “Erode”. Please enjoy their latest track called “Turmoil” feat Cyanotic!

September 5, 2017: A great new video of the night as we celebrate together the latest track and video entitled “Somber Reflections” from “Third Realm”. The bands haunting new track is available on the bands highly recommended album “The Suffering Angel”.

Third Realm


September 4, 2017: The latest video from the band “Seadrake” is now available. A great track featuring Frank M. Spinath from the band Seabound. The new single “Lower Thank This (Someday)” is only now available as an EP. No word if an album is on the way but we’ll keep an eye out!

September 2, 2017: The wait is finally over. An all new song from the legendary band that is know as “Diary of Dreams”. Their latest track is called “Hiding Rivers” from the upcoming album “Hell In Eden” Due for a September 29, 2017 release.

Diary Of Dreams


September 1, 2017: “Bloodstreet Boys” A great brand new collaboration between members of Strvngers and Eye Steal! As our video of the night we present the bands great new anthem and video. No news for a release but for now let’s enjoy their latest track “Push the needle”.

Bloodstreet Boys


August 31, 2017: A fantastic gothic rock band called “The Fallacy” returns! As our bloodlit video of the night we celebrate the bands brand great new single and video the at is entitled “Release Me”. No word if an album is on the way but we will keep an eye out for that.

The Fallacy


August 29, 2017: A new video of the night! We’re celebrating the latest hit and great track that is entitled “Time” from the band “She Pleasures Herself” Taken from the bands latest album “Fetish”. Highly recommended for those whom like it dark!

She Pleasures Herself


August 28, 2017: Hamsas XIII; a collaboration between Rich W (The Wake) and Robyn Bright (Cockatoo) have put together a great new album that is entitled “De Novo” currently out now! Below is our video of the night and the bands latest video called “Belladonna”.

Hamsas Xiii


August 26, 2017: Here it is our new video of the night! Featuring the latest anthem from the band “Shiv-R” On this very September 29, 2017 the band is set on putting out a brand new 12 track album that will be called “Requiem For A Hyperreality”. Below is the track Cheshire Grin. Enjoy!

August 25, 2017: A great new album teaser from the band “Sonic Reunion” Their forthcoming new album is set for an Autumn 2017 release. Title for this great synth duo’s upcoming release is called “Turning Point”. After listening to the teaser this is sure to be a hit for the clubs!

Sonic Reunion


August 24, 2017: The legendary dark electro duo of the band “Kirlian Camera” is back! This time there teaming up with “Covenant” to bring to you a new EP that is entitled “Sky Collapse”. Set for an October 20 release! Here is the teaser.

Kirlian Camera


August 23, 2017: Due for a September 15, 2017 release date. The great dark electro band “DrakenWerks” returns to the scene with an all new EP that is called “W.S.M.I” featuring remixes from Leaether Strip, Shiv-R, and Dimethoxy. Here’s a little teaser from the band.



August 22, 2017: The brand new trailer from the band “Your Life On Hold” is now available. Taken from the forthcoming album “Burning For the Ancient Connection” Due for a September 22, 2017 release. Check it out!

Your Life On Hold


August 21, 2017: New video of the night! As we feature the latest anthem from the band “Wiccid” Well known for working with Velvet Acid Christ, Frontline Assembly, PIG, Ministry and many others. The new album “By Design” is on the way. Out this September 29, 2017.

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