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CONTEST: Both Bloodlit Radio and Radio Synthez have teamed up to present to all "SYNTHVISION 2018" and friendly contest that showcases upcoming and familiar synth bands from around the globe. We want you to tune in and cast your vote on who is your favourite out of the 24 countries involved in this contest! More details below.



Here is the press release and details of the contest!

We are glad to invite you to the Synthvision: annual best synth contest. The first session of Synthvision was held in the year 2009. The radio contest is some kind of yearly results of synth music divided by countries. According to different analyses and statistics the best of the best were chosen to be part of the contest. Synthvision is the opportunity to understand the synth-music genres in different countries and to meet new bands. Lyric and melancholic synthpop, soft and ornate electropop, danceable and rhythmic futurepop, provocative and punk eletroclash, guitar and energetic synth-rock.

All these genres will be part of Synthvision2018. 24 countries, 24 songs from 24 representatives. Bright and modest, popular and underground, professionals and beginners, weird and easy-listening. This year the contest turns to be worldwide and not only European as it was in the years before. New sounds, new names, new feelings. 24 tunes, 24 colors, 24 cells, 24 rooms, 24 visions of synth. Synthvision 2018 will be broadcasted in two languages: Russian and English. In the past years it was only in Russian, so new audience will join the party. Welcome!

The contest will be held on Sunday, December 2nd at 16:00 CET (the whole time zones list will be published below). The links to the radio you will find soon. The list of the participating countries is available already now and the participants are known although the bands will be added soon by parts. After the contest itself the voting will take place. The link for the voting will be available after the show and will be  published here.

The voting will continue till Saturday, December the 8th and on Sunday December the 9th results will be announced. I will ask from the audience not to vote the bands from your country and not to try to cheat and wind up the votes. It is very noticeable and the points will taken not and even more than you gave. So please, don’t do that. And vote for the song you like and not for the band you are fan of. Be fair and be honest! The contest will be repeated on BloodlitRadio on Wednesday, December the 5th at 14:00 CET. So save the date. 2nd of December. Synthvision 2018. Everybody synth!


The participating countries and the order:

01. FRANCE. Happiness Project "Big Cities" 02. DENMARK. Perpacity "Rule the Day" 03. ARGENTINA. Hidden Souls "The World is Falling..." 04. MOLDOVA. Unity One "Leave Me Confined" 05. MEXICO. Nórdika feat. Felix Marc "One" 06. SWEDEN. Ashbury Heights "Science" 07. CANADA. For All the Emptiness "Heaven Has Lost Its Mind" 08. ESTONIA. Mory(h "Hraniteli Sveta" 09. AUSTRALIA. Space March "Forever" 10. HUNGARY. Apsürde "See Me Coming" 11. IRELAND. The Garland Cult "Gothic" 12. SWITZERLAND. AnnA Lux "Zuhause" 13. ITALY. Blume "Ideal" 14. BELGIUM. Aïboforcen "Come Clean" 15. SPAIN. Electronicboy "Patinaje Artistico" 16. GREECE. Night Haze "Love is Chaos" 17. USA. The Anix "This Machine" 18. NORWAY. Electro Spectre "Been Too Long" 19. THE NETHERLANDS. My Indigo "My Indigo" 20. RUSSIA. WANT/ed feat. Miranda Cartel "My Pride" 21. AUSTRIA. L'Âme Immortelle "Unendlich" 22. GERMANY. M.I.N.E. "Dangerous" 23. UNITED KINGDOM. VNV Nation "When is the Future?" 24. FINLAND. Blastromen "Into the Void"

The list time schedule according to the participating countries:

Paris 15:00

Copenhagen 15:00

Buenos Aires 11:00

Chișinău 16:00

Mexico City 8:00

Stockholm 15:00

Ottawa 9:00

Tallinn 16:00

Canberra 1:00 (December 3rd)

Budapest 15:00

Dublin 14:00

Santiago 11:00

Rome 15:00

Brussels 15:00

Madrid 15:00

Athens 16:00

Washington DC 9:00

Oslo 15:00

Amsterdam 15:00

Moscow 17:00

Vienna 15:00

Berlin 15:00

London 14:00​

Helsinki 16:00

Voting is now available: Click Here>>


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